ENROLLMENTS 2021./2022.

A. S. Neill (1883. – 1973.):

“If the emotions are free the intellect will look after itself!"

C. Freinet (1896. – 1966.):

'We are facing indifferent students and textbooks full of meaningless material. We have to educate through life, for life. We have to motivate our students to be independent learners and cooperative at the same time. We have to allow them to experiment and explore, thus facilitating self-regulated learning.'

Nova škola is a private elementary school based on the alternative democratic educational model.

We follow the National Curriculum.

Nova škola is a member of the European Democratic Education Community (EUDEC).

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Irijanda Birin

German and Italian teacher
Montessori teacher

Martina Čretni

1st to 4th grade teacher
Montessori teacher