„Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend“

Albert Camus

We put children first

At Nova škola we do our best to recognize and help develop a child's potential, his needs and interests.

Teaching aids and materials

Nova škola is a modernly equipped school in step with the times and adapted to today's child's needs. In addition to equipping each class with modern technology, we use a wide array of teaching aids and materials (Montessori materials, learning materials developed by our teachers and many other educational materials). The aim of these materials is to motivate children to go on their own quest for knowledge. Children are not only passive recipients of content, but active participants in the learning process. The materials also provide them with the opportunity to understand and acquire abstract concepts more easily.

Extracurricular activities
We offer a wide range of activities that are important for a child's development. These activities cover the following areas: art, literature, music and dance, theatre, film, ceramics, handicraft, ICT, design and technology, home economics, gardening, sports, etc.
Small student-teacher ratio

The maximum number of pupils in one class is 14. This allows our teachers to focus more on the individual needs of each student.

Nova škola child is a free child


A child who is free to express his thoughts, feelings and needs.

A child who is free to move around and choose when, where and with whom he will work.

A child who is allowed to work alone, with a friend or with a group of friends!

A child who is free from fear and authority!

A child who feels equal to his teachers!

A child who is free to fail and make mistakes!

A child who trusts his teachers. !

A child who believes in himself!

Our core values are mutual respect, trust, communication and freedom.

  • At Nova škola we welcome and accept every child just the way he is.
  • Mutual respect creates a safe environment in which everyone has opportunities for self-discovery. This is precisely the reason why Nova škola is a place of zero tolerance toward violence.
  • Humans are inherently social creatures, that is why we consider communication very important. We encourage every child to recognize and express his needs.
  • At Nova škola we believe that each child is able to follow his own development and build his own learning process.
  • Without autonomy a child cannot be motivated and assume responsibility for his own learning. In a well-prepared and stimulating environment learning becomes interesting and successful. A child makes his own decisions about what, when and how he will learn.
  • A teacher is a mentor that approaches each child as a unique individual. He prepares the learning environment and directs and supervises each child, taking into consideration his individual abilities/strengths and interests. He also continually gives him feedback about his progress.
  • At Nova škola we help children develop important life skills: critical thinking, making decisions, solving problems and presentation and entrepreneurial skills.
  • At Nova škola we live democracy. At the beginning of every week we hold “The Big Meeting“. All students and all employees are present at the meeting. Everyone is free to suggest agenda items. We make decisions about all rules and activities together.