Meet Martina

 German and Italian teacher • Montessori teacher


Guten Tag!

My name is Irijanda Birin.
I was named after a girl from Zadar.
I was born in Zurich, Switzerland where I attended kindergarten and school.

I loved my teacher, Frau R. Wegmuller, and I became a teacher mainly thanks to her.
I chose my profession much later in life. When I was her student I wanted to be a singer, flight attendant or just work in a beautiful office.

At that time I played the guitar and danced ballet. I used to sing and dance all the time. I took my guitar wherever I went. Why the guitar? In 1982 a German representative, Nicole, won the Eurovision Song Contest. Well, I wanted to be Nicole.

When I was 11 my family moved to Samobor. I attended school there and later studied German and Italian at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb.

I am a certified Montessori teacher. I studied Montessory pedagogy in Zagreb and in Graz.

I have an amazing husband and two beautiful children (They are actually adults now). My son's name is Marsel and my daughter is Sara. I would be remiss if I didn't mention my mini poodle Diva that brings me such joy every day.

I love sunny mornings, a cup of coffee, a good book, peacefulness, spending time with family and dear friends, travelling, good music and good food.
Most of all, I love summers and spending holidays at my little house on the coast.

I'm very happy to have the privilege of working at Nova škola and of fully enjoying my life's calling.