‘This is the best educational concept I’ve ever heard of. I’m very impressed by the teaching methods. I think I’ve just realized why I study pedagogy. Since the first day of my studies at the university, I’ve been thinking about what I really want to be when I graduate. As a part of my studies, I’ve spent a lot of time at various kindergartens, children’s homes and other institutions, and yet I’ve never felt an urge to work at any of them. While listening to your presentation, it all clicked! I envisioned myself here. I hope my wish will come true.’

‘I really like this concept: The idea of freedom, and the responsibility that comes with it, is where happiness, fulfillment and overall satisfaction with oneself, and life in general, should stem from.

Life is full of miracles that are waiting to be discovered. I’m very happy to hear that there are people who teach children how to be explorers and adventurers in the greatest mystery called life! People have to learn to use things and love people. This school’s vision is the same as mine. I believe that freedom makes strong and self-confident people, people of character who do big things in the world’

‘I’m fascinated by this school! I was very skeptical, but after hearing the presentation, I wish I was a child and a student at this school. I hope all your plans will go as planned!’

‘I wish the whole school system was like Nova škola! The world would be a better place! Keep going!

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